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Big ol’ pot of dicks

Boil those dicks!

I was taught you boil dildos like rice (boil the water then drop them in) instead of pasta (put them in the water THEN boil). Heating them with the water means they get hotter for longer. Adding them to boiling water means they don’t need as long to soak to kill the bacteria. Drop them in. Wait two minutes then remove and let air dry. Be careful if you have pets because animal hair sticks and no body wants to suck to your dick covered in cat hair.



A lot of people like to explain consent in sexual encounters as “No means no.” This is true, but doesn’t capture as many crucial parts of happy fun sex and experiences as “Yes means yes!” Consent should always be informed and enthusiastic, never coerced, and you and your partner should be looking for consent continuously. Stay safe, stay happy, and have fun!

Consent can look different for different people, but that’s why communication between partners is so important. No matter what it looks like though, consent should not hinge on any fear, discomfort, or pressure. 

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This is actually pretty important

very important information

This needs to be seen more. Rape needs to flat out stop, but until then victims need to know there’s support for them.

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Sketch of a Maya couple. A scene showing a man getting intoxicated via an enema (assisted by his wife). These enema scenes with intoxicated individuals appear in many Maya works of art and was still practiced by many when the Spaniards came - such as the Huastecs (Teneek) of the Gulf coast who speak a Mayan language, were known to partake in this tradition in the time of the Aztecs. Based on a Maya vase painting dating to the Classic period:

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Da cutest sex toyz!! 💖😍😍💖 get ur stickers at!!

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Audio record yourself having sex or masturbating! It’s anonymous and it’s simple. Think how many people you’ll make cum. Here is information on how to record and how to submit!

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
it's kinda weird that people always think i'd be dominant. i'm a profesional athlete and model and completly submissive. every mistress i approached in the politest way thought i would waste her time because i 'would just act submissive' my aura would show the opposite and 'my dick too big' as one mistress said that stopped once she saw it... was it just bad luck approaching the wrong misstresses, mistress?
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Sounds like a combination of some shitty luck and simple incompatibility to me.

Women aren’t interchangeable.   Dominant women, especially aren’t.

What we want, need, desire, look for, prey on… is going to be as individual as we are.

I tend to go for athletic, fit, rugged, masculine men.  Some like more effeminate men.  Some like average men.  Some like…  See where I’m going with that?

Penis size has absolutely nothing to do with submissiveness.  Nothing.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I like my fuckmeat to have… well meat to them, as well as stamina and endurance.

Depending on what it is you want from a D/s relationship, if you are actually looking for an ongoing relationship and not just a play partner or someone to abuse you for the night - I would suggest that you build friendships with women.  Leave kink out of it, entirely, until you ascertain if there is a compatibility on a friendship level that has the potential for the romantic.

If you truly have a submissive nature and not just a submission fetish, it will shine through.  Don’t worry about those that pass quick judgments based on your looks or cock size.  Anyone worth having in your life will take the time to actually get to know you - and be known.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello! I was wondering if you could discuss a little bit about the pros and cons of a female condom vs a male condom? Thank you!
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Pros and Cons? I’m going to have to go with preference.  But let’s talk it through a bit.  

I made up this little chart, I hope it’s helpful!

For more about the internal condom, and to see more great art from the image at the top of the post, see Oh Joy Sex Toy’s post about this here.

I love love love the internal condom.

I’m never going back, all hail internal condom!

Honestly, I haven’t really been a fan of internal/female condoms, but they are really great for a lot of people.


Learning about sex from porn is like learning about astrophysics from Star Wars

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I was my birthday cake!!🎂🍰 blew myself out 😂 #needleplay #piercings #needles #birthday

Reblogged, but with some important safety warnings via oliviadurdles, via the last similar reblog:

I hope this person is being very careful! Birthday candle wax burns much hotter than the paraffin or soy wax people usually use for wax play. Also, the candles are short enough that the distance between fire and flesh is relatively small. I’m glad this person didn’t get badly burned, but I’m pretty sure birthday candles should be avoided in general. Specifically the needle itself can heat up, which can burn the bottom, so attaching candles to needles at all, regardless of the type is a risky proposition. Some of the worst kink injuries I’ve ever seen came from birthday candles + needles where the needle burned the person from the inside.

- Your Mod

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